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Hello, my name is Jeremiah Jansky.

I moved to Cheyenne in the fall of 2014 where my wife is from.  After working construction for a few years, I wanted something different that was closer to home and also a business that I could work with my kids as they grow up. My brother-in-law, Howard Strubhar, the original owner of K-9 Poo Gone, decided that he wanted to serve the Lord in Ethiopia, Africa, and made the comment that he would like to sell the business.  Over the years I have worked for Howard when he needed help and saw this as an opportunity.

After prayer and seeking advise of others, my wife and I purchased K-9 Poo Gone in March, 2018.   I love Jesus Christ and am purposed to honor and bring Him glory and praise through this business.  That is the main purpose and goal.  One way that I've purposed to fulfill that goal is by having great customer service; so if you have any questions or comments on how we can improve our service, please let us know on the contact us page!

History of K-9 Poo Gone, LLC

After coming home from a Bible College in 2013, Howard Strubhar, the original owner of K-9 Poo Gone, started working part time for a friend of his in Ft. Collins, CO, doing dog waste removal.  Eventually he decided to start his own business in Cheyenne, WY, where he lived, and started advertising, and working hard to get customers of his own.  His friend from Ft. Collins helped him with advice, etc, to get up and going.  Eventually business picked up enough that he stopped working in Ft. Collins, and worked and pushed his own business, K-9 Poo Gone.  

Howard visited Ethiopia Africa for a month in the summer, 2017, and wanted to go back longer term to serve God, and the children there. 

Special Thanks...

Howard Strubhar, my brother-in-law.  Many thanks Howard for your patience in teaching me all the ropes involved in owning and running a business and for all the time and effort you put into K-9 Poo Gone to make it what it is today.  

My wife Faith for her support and encouragement in the beginning months of ownership.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of family.

To all you customers, those that have been with Howard and those new.  You have been great to work with!

Thanks again for choosing US!  We'll keep you taken care of.

- K-9 Poo Gone, LLC

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