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Hello, my name is Howard Strubhar.

I am 24 years old.  I am the 8th born of 10 kids and I love to serve and interact with other people!  I love Jesus Christ and am purposed to honor and bring Him glory and praise through this business.  That is the main purpose and goal.  One way that I've purposed to fulfill that goal is by having great customer service; so if you have any questions or comments on how we can improve our service, please let us know on the Contacts Us page!

I have a love and desire to help kiddos in poverty.  This summer I took a trip to Ethiopia, Africa.  I was able to visit a little boy I sponsor there.  It was so special.

My dream is to one day move there and show the love of Jesus to those kiddos who don't have anything or anyone to love them.

I came home from Bible College in May of 2013.  I began looking for a job, at least part time.
Dave, owner of K-9 Pooper Scooper, LLC in Fort Collins CO, was looking for part time help with his business.  Dave goes to my church and I was excited to start working with him.  I was trying to figure out what I could do on my days off, so I asked Dave if he would like me to help him expand his business into Cheyenne.  I told him that I would be willing to advertise here in Cheyenne, by waving sign, talking to people, etc.  Dave told me that at this point, he wasn't interested in expanding to Cheyenne.  He suggested further, that I start my own business of Poo Scooping.  Dave offered to give me a lot of the needed information and help me out where I needed.
With all of this being said, I really feel blessed.  Dave was very kind in helping me get started.  Something that you don't often see in most business owners.  Dave really has shown integrity and Godliness in helping me, potentially his competitor, get started, only 40 miles away.
I've quit my part-time job for Dave, and have started working my own business full time.
Thanks, to all of my customers, who have put up with the inconvenience of having me away and out of town every Friday.  Those days are over.
And again, Thank You for Your Business.  We really appreciate you choosing Us.

- K-9 Poo Gone, LLC

Dave Stultzfus for providing me with a job and information to help me get my own business going.
And last but not least, Zackary Hallett.  Zack helped me a lot, with website and business card design.  Zack owns and manages K-9 Waste Management, LLC in Orlando FL.  He has been a great help to me and I owe a lot to him for this great website and especially my logo.  Thanks Zack.  You've been a man of integrity and Godliness as you've helped me with all of these things and wanted nothing in return.  God will bless you for your selfless giving.

Thanks again, for choosing US!  We'll keep you taken care of!!


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